An Introduction to Stomp Protocol

STOMP – The Streaming (or Simple) Text Oriented Messaging Protocol

So, what is STOMP?
Simply put, it’s a Text Oriented protocol for messaging between two applications or through a message broker. 
STOMP provides an inter-operable wire format so that STOMP clients can communicate with any STOMP message broker to provide easy and widespread messaging interoperability among many languages, platforms and brokers.

STOMP is text-based and does not use binary protocols. It supports a range of core enterprise messaging features, such as authentication, messaging models like P2P & publish and subscribe, message acknowledgement, transactions, message headers & properties, etc.,
There are number of messaging protocols like AMQP, MQTT, etc., but STOMP stands out as one of the popular messaging protocols which is Text based. 
All leading Messaging brokers support STOMP protocol.
A nice comparison between leading messaging protocols like AMQP and STOMP, can be found in the following blog.
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